A Question of Sleep

Little Plum slept well from the start, beside the slight breastfeeding issues.

On day one, we were struggling terribly with latching her onto the breast, so she was a bit hard to settle, but we soon sorted that out by using the hospital grade pumps to feed her some delicious, creamy thick, custard coloured colostrum in a little cup(as using a bottle would risk causing nipple confusion). I was pleased to discover I had a good supply.

On day two I managed to nurse her successfully for about 5-10 minutes. At the time I was very unsure if that counted as a successful feed but the fact that she then slept for five and half hours soundly seemed a good sign to me.

I will just interject here that I was then told by one Midwife, upon mentioning what I considered a great success(she fed, she slept well, all a Mother could want on day two), that I should wake her up every three hours to feed. She made me feel quite neglectful for not having done this, but she had all sorts of things to say throughout my stay which Continue reading



I’m sitting here typing with red, blue and purple stained hands, because I’ve just been trying to coax my daughter into playing with gloop. For those of you that don’t know about gloop, it’s just cornflour and water. It’s makes this goo
that, when touched in any way turns solid, then when you let go it’s back to being liquid. It’s good fun, and you can also add food colouring if you like, which as I have just discovered can be VERY VERY messy! My fingers are the evidence of that. I’m not too sure how long it will take for this to come off. I didn’t intend to use quite so much food colouring but little plum knocked Continue reading